I am a licensed FAA sUAS pilot and have used drones to map, create photogrammetric models, and analyze space. Below are examples of (1) images of an eighteenth-nineteenth century Hillsborough, NC farm property and (2) map/analysis of potential Iron Age installations from a hillside in the Galilee of Israel done at the request of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Much of my work with drones is for yet-unpublished projects, and I am only able to share further examples upon request.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Moorefields property in Hillsborough, NC used to identify walls of burned-and-buried buildings from the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries.

Rough orthographic photo of Moorefields property in Hillsborough, NC

Agisoft Photoscan/Metashape Model Report

Orthographic photo of model exported at 80 percent compression.

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