Funded by Lenovo and the UNC - Chapel Hill Center for Faculty Excellence, the Virtual Nepal Project uses 3D modeling, photogrammetry, Unity game engine, drone photography, and 360 filming to preserve cultural landmarks throughout Nepal. The project further included a week-long training workshop.
I served as the technology and creative coordinator for the project, making 3D models, game engine modules, 360 films as well as writing project content and running the week long workshop in Nepal in 2018.

Photogrammetric model of a small chaitya in Kathmandu, Nepal

Photogrammetric model of chaityas and shrine in Namo Buddha, Nepal

Explorable model of Asura Cave near Pharping,Nepal made with Unity

360-degree video of the Himalayas in Nepal  filmed with Insta360 Pr0 and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro (Rough/B Footage)

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